• Sigma Chair

    Highest quality with an exclusive shape

ABOUT the Chair

The Sigma Chair is a designer’s work of the highest quality with an exclusive shape. While sitting on this smart chair, one can find out his weight, BMI and even track one’s weight history. This stylish piece of furniture will not only decorate your interior, but will also become a reliable partner in losing and controlling your weight.

The chair is made of American white ash. Its exceptional design and production technology help create a visually fragile and light shape; however, the product is strong and durable. An integrated smart scale that operates with a mobile application adds to the value-added and additional functionality of this piece of furniture.

The stability of the Sigma Chair is ensured by its shape which looks like sigma, a letter of the Greek alphabet and a mathematical symbol that indicates a mathematical sum. This shape has another practical meaning – it allows a person to weigh himself by having placed his legs in a particularly convenient position and get a maximally accurate result. You will not notice any external signs that the chair has an integrated scale mechanism. All data will be displayed and stored in the mobile application on your smart phone.

Advantages of the Chair


With the Sigma Chair, weight loss will be simpler and easier to control.


The chair will remind you of your goals every time you sit on it (at the dining table).


This exclusively designed chair will become a stylish interior accessory.


No special efforts are required for the use of the chair. Sitting on the chair, you can view your weight on your smart phone at any time.


No need to experience the tiring and unpleasant ritual of weighing.


No need to stand while weighing.


Your favourite piece of furniture will not only decorates your home, but will also become a partner in changing your appearance or lifestyle.


Nobody will understand that a nice chair is your secret weapon in the fight against being overweight.


Even after you have achieved and reinforced the desired results, the chair will remind you of the path that you have taken and will not allow you to return to your old habits and former figure.

HOW TO USE the Chair?

  • Download the mobile application to your smart phone.
  • Check whether the Bluetooth connection is on.
  • Make sure that the number of your chair (indicated on the back side of the label) coincides with the one on the application.
  • Enter your data according to the given instructions. Choose the units of measurement (cm and kg). Insert your height.
  • Turn on the chair by pressing the button that you will find by lowering your right hand to the bottom side of the seat. The chair will turn off automatically after measuring weight.
  • Weigh yourself by placing your feet on the lower part of the chair (or having lifted them up in the air). You will view your weight on the phone.
  • The application will calculate your body mass index and inform whether your body weight is normal and warn you if it is too light or too heavy.
  • Using the application, you can observe your weight history, track changes and sum up your achievements.


The chair is made of American white ash; the backside of the chair is painted. You can choose one of four colours available. If you want to preserve a uniform style in your dining room, living room, working space or office, you can order a preferred number of additional Sigma Chairs without the scale mechanism.

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