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Path of the smart Sigma Chair

The developers of the promiser.pro platform conceived the idea of creating a smart Sigma Chair. Promiser.pro motivates people to quit their harmful habits and lose excess weight based on the scientifically proven deposit and financial reward method.

The Sigma Chair was designed while looking for an effective way to control weight which would remind the user of their set goals. The integrated scale operating together with the mobile application allows one to find out his weight and BMI and track his weight history while sitting on this smart chair.

The chair is made of white ash. Its exceptional design and production technology help create a visually fragile and light shape; however, the product is strong and durable.

 Manufacturing process

American white ash is transported to Europe in planks. They are dried using the most modern vacuum drying method. The wood part of the chair is produced by furniture makers with the highest qualifications from the V&A furniture studio who have accumulated 20 years of experience in the production of custom furniture.

No metal details, bolts or nails are used in the manufacturing process of the chair (except for the scale mechanism). The durability of the product is determined by the fastening technique using finger joints. The scale mechanism is installed in the invisible part of the chair; thus, the piece of furniture preserves its elegant shape, and only you may be aware of its weighing function.

The chair looks like the sigma symbol, a letter of the Greek alphabet, is handmade and passes four quality control stages. Each chair is recorded in a special log and has its number, which is indicated on the special tag of each product and in the Sigma Chair mobile application.

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