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Weight control

   “The human body and brain are designed for eating; thus, weight loss often becomes a serious challenge for many of us. Those who wish to lose weight often think only about what they should eat and what they should give up; however, they think too little about the management of the change process and reinforcement of the achieved results for a long period of time”, says a psychologist Jim Keller from Oklahoma, USA. Millions of people look for methods about how to lose excess weight. A total of 80–90 % of people have been on a diet at least once in their lives. 90–95 % of them regained their weight. Two thirds claim it became even larger than before.

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Therefore, it is important to not only know how to lose weight, but also to be able to keep it off. After questioning people who have lost unwanted kilograms and maintained their healthy figures for at least 5 years, it has become clear that one of the main changes in their behaviour which helped achieve and reinforce the result is continuous weight monitoring. People who successfully lost weight not only became friends with their scales, but also included daily exercise, fat-free and low-calorie food, breakfast every morning and meals eaten at the same time every day into their routine. When new habits have been reinforced, one can return to the right regime after some deviation from it much faster and easier than at the beginning.

Daily weighing helps monitor one’s weight and understand its links with his/her lifestyle, eating, movement and rest regimes, as well as worry or tension experienced. If you sleep badly, if your eating habits are chaotic, or you are under a lot of stress, it is likely that your weight will grow, perhaps even at a dreadfully rapid pace. If you take good care of yourself, it can also return to the desired level at an equally rapid pace.

Continuous weighing, a confrontation with one’s actual weight, helps silence the message transmitted by the brain that the body needs more fat. Besides, weight monitoring is an excellent way to gain control of one’s weight and to record the break points when it is worth it to get a grip on oneself and put in more efforts.

The recording of progress is a stronger motivator than dissatisfaction with one’s figure. Step into the role of a scientist, and record the progress achieved in your weight loss process. Attention to progress will keep you going. Discipline and self-control are the “muscles” of a person’s character which require exercise and strengthening, same as muscles of the body. Changes will not happen just because you want them to happen. The ability to resist temptation and successfully implement goals you set yourself strengthen your self-control – and success feeds success.

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