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Inside Sigma chair

The chair is made of white ash. Its exceptional design and production technology help create a visually fragile and light shape; however, the product is strong and durable. While it may look weak, but it can hold up to 150kilograms or 330 pounds. That‘s what makes this chair exciting to sit on having in mind that it is scales (or it could be just a simple chair). Although many people think that the cut at the side of the Sigma chair is due to some metal plate in between the wood plates but that is not true. The cut is only for design purposes for the chair to look even lighter.No metal details, bolts or nails are used in the manufacturing process of the chair (except for the scale mechanism). The durability of the product is determined by the fastening technique using finger joints. The scale mechanism is installed in the invisible part of the chair; thus, the piece of furniture preserves its elegant shape, and only you may be aware of its weighing function.



While creating the design of this chair we needed to think about how to install four sensors into its legs as well as the metal box with the “brain” and place for the batteries. Therefore, there we chose a solid plate. In order to ensure the accuracy of results, we also needed a place for putting up the feet while weighing so that the chair could support one’s full weight and it would be comfortable. Once we combined the two plates, the rest of the process in terms of design was pretty straightforward and easy. We decided to do the whole chair like one solid shape.

We had various ideas before choosing this one as our path. But this shape of the chair seemed logical, practical and possible to create. Although you might have seen some chairs with scales in hospitals. But they look like huge, complex mechanisms from the past and do not fit the modern interior at all. We are the first ones to create this kind of chair which can be used at home or office as a stylish and very helpful furniture to help you lose your weight.

The chair looks like the sigma symbol, a letter of the Greek alphabet, is handmade and passes four quality control stages. Each chair is recorded in a special log and has its number, which is indicated on the special tag of each product and in the Sigma Chair mobile application.

You can choose one of four colours available. If you want to preserve a uniform style in your dining room, living room, working space or office, you can order a preferred number of additional Sigma Chairs without the scale mechanism.

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