The Sigma Chair is a designer’s work of the highest quality with an exclusive shape. While sitting on this smart chair, one can find out his weight, BMI and even track one’s weight history. This stylish piece of furniture will not only decorate your interior, but will also become a reliable partner in losing and controlling your weight.

The chair is made of American white ash. Its exceptional design and production technology help create a visually fragile and light shape; however, the product is strong and durable. An integrated smart scale that operates with a mobile application adds to the value-added and additional functionality of this piece of furniture.

The stability of the Sigma Chair is ensured by its shape which looks like sigma, a letter of the Greek alphabet and a mathematical symbol that indicates a mathematical sum. This shape has another practical meaning – it allows a person to weigh himself by having placed his legs in a particularly convenient position and get a maximally accurate result. You will not notice any external signs that the chair has an integrated scale mechanism. All data will be displayed and stored in the mobile application on your smart phone.