HOW TO USE the Chair?

  • Download the mobile application to your smart phone.
  • Check whether the Bluetooth connection is on.
  • Make sure that the number of your chair (indicated on the back side of the label) coincides with the one on the application.
  • Enter your data according to the given instructions. Choose the units of measurement (cm and kg). Insert your height.
  • Turn on the chair by pressing the button that you will find by lowering your right hand to the bottom side of the seat. The chair will turn off automatically after measuring weight.
  • Weigh yourself by placing your feet on the lower part of the chair (or having lifted them up in the air). You will view your weight on the phone.
  • The application will calculate your body mass index and inform whether your body weight is normal and warn you if it is too light or too heavy.
  • Using the application, you can observe your weight history, track changes and sum up your achievements.